Sacred Chao

I didn't think it would take this long

I'm banging my way through the final chapters of "Grover Park George on ACCESS". I owe somebody a simple database that they'll be able to use and update and thought "well, why not finish working your way through those Access examples from that book?"

It's the little typos and other errors that hang me up the worst. Just figuring out that he meant "Take A and relabel it as B" instead of "Take B and relabel it as A" -- that kind of thing. Doggone you, Grover Park George! Would it kill you to put up an Errata page at your website?

I'm making so many annotations in my copy of the book that I'm tempted to sign it as the Half-Blood Prince.
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Sacred Chao

Playing with my own head?

Okay, now I've started messin' with my own head. I woke this morning to find a note to myself on the nightstand that says only,

"Why wouldn't Prof. Harold Hill go out with the St. Pauli girl?"

That it. Nothing else. It's some kind of koan from my dreaming self.

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The lodge raised three new Master Masons on Wednesday night. We balloted on four applicants. Last month we balloted on two. And as I was settling in at the Secretary's desk (I'm learning that getting there merely a half-hour early isn't enough time) I was handed five more applications to read this month.

Do you have any idea how much work this is for a lodge Secretary? No, you couldn't possibly, unless you've been one. And if you have been one, God bless you. I'm trying to imagine how I'll handle all of this when I finally manage to find a job. (This "secretary" stuff? That's just my hobby.)

A Question on Groundhog Day

Consider that "the" groundhog, the official one, lives in Punxsutawney, northeast of Pittsburgh, in the heart of Pennsylvania. So, do you honestly suppose that, no matter what the groundhog may have ever seen or not seen, that Spring has ever come to the middle of PA two weeks after Groundhog Day, that is, February 16? Ever? I mean, since the Carboniferous Period, of course.

And, do you notice that Punxsutawney does not ever hold a "The Groundhog Got It Right Day" either 2 weeks or 6 weeks after February 2? Hmmm....